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Markapala is the registered tredamark of Argos Communication Design Limited Co.

ARGOS / Our story
What we do?

- Brand Communication Strategy

- Set and manage brand communication strategy.

- Set brand promise.

- Positioning the brand.

- Determine and improve brand identity.

- Corporate Identity

- Design, improve and manage corporate identity.

- Create brand structure and design the visuals.

- Find or produce the brand name.

- Design every kind of graphic materials including logotype.

- Create corporate visuals, brand visuals and than we implement them.

- Design and implement annual reports and sustainability reports.

- Brand Communication

- We do research or lead to make them, about the corporate and the brand.

- Make annual or monthly communication and event plans and apply the plans.

- Design visuals for sub-brands.

- Develop brand communication opportunities.

- Develop solutions for reach to the target group.

- Organize tenders for selection of advertising, media, event, social media and public relations agencies.

- Create social responsibility projects, improve and design visuals for them.

- Design and manage communication strategies about special days.

- Manage photo shootings and film productions.

- Define brand principles about production, print, social media, etc. services.

- Prepare purchasing offers and we support corporate purchasing department.

- Update communication goals depends on developed targets.

- Produce creative solutions for every kind of communications.

- Design campaigns and visuals for in-house communication.

- Support the company to establish a communication department.

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